Three in one!

Having not posted to this blog before, I’m going to recount my three lessons so far, with the fabulous Pauline Thierry in one post…

First French lesson went very well. It started in Cafe Europa with coffee and ended up in Stockmann with the many different cheeses on display. We began by discussing the formal bits: what we want to learn from each other, the level we have in the languages and the areas where we’re perhaps not so confident, etc. My life in Edinburgh in French started us off and Pauline was very patient with me pausing every two seconds while thinking of the next word. After practising all those basics and remembering that I could actually speak some words in French, we headed over to the food market in Stockmann and Pauline introduced me to lots of new vocabulary in French. I also began to discover a bit about French culture and their legendary love of cheese. We went as far as to think about pairing wines and cheeses. I feel so French. And I love it.

Next lesson was an English one. We met up again and walked to a bar near Finlayson. I can’t remember it’s name but it’s a lovely bar. You should try it. Drinks in hand, we started talking ENGLISH. Pauline started with her life in Paris and some current events happening at the time in Paris. Connected to that, we discussed different areas in Paris and the people that live there. Having already been exposed to English constantly for a while now, Pauline seemed really comfortable with the language and I only had to give a few hints here and there.

Our most recent lesson was in the Sauna! Believe me, it is hard enough to speak your own language in a sauna than trying to cobble together sentences in another with all the steam in the air. This time we talked about more basics: the sauna, the lake, people we’d seen. It had to be cut short however because you can only take so much time in a sauna! I’m not used to being in that much heat for so long yet, but I plan on being so soon!

That’s it for now. I promise my next post may be more interesting and may include photos.



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