First meeting English/Spanish

My friend Jaimile and I met at Sokos to have a coffee and start on our lessons. I learned basic introductions for example what my name is, how are you, in order to help the learning, Jaimile taught me the alphabet in Spanish, I was surprised how like French some of it is, so was quite easy to pick up from my basic knowledge of French from school, same with numbers as I learned up to 20 in Spanish. I also learned colours, Jaimile gave me some good websites to look at as well.

When learning the numbers, alphabet and colours I found it easier to hear it then write it as I heard it then got the correct spelling to help me remember how the Spanish say some of their letters. It was also interesting because the way I was writing them was mostly the way the Portuguese would spell their words.


I had a good time and really learned a lot from the first lesson 🙂

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