Simple but enjoyable first meeting!

For our first eoto session we decided to take the easy way out and go to Wayne’s coffee, a small talk in a nice place never disappoints! Once we were there with a coffee mug, we started to talk about our languages. Turns out that Melanie actually knows a bit of Spanish and she speaks it very well! On the other hand, Ishell and I know nothing [like Jon Snow (Game of Thrones reference lol)] about German. Considering the situation we decided to start with the basics of German and it went pretty well in my opinion.

  • Zwanzig
  • Wie gehts?
  • Ich komme aus Spanien

Those are just some stuff I can remember without looking at my notes! As a learning experience I’m comfortable because the Q&A way works very well for the first time.

After the coffee session we went for a “walk-about” in which we compared some aspects related to our countries’ culture. Also, we noticed that Austrians and Germans have the same problem as Mexicans and Spanish when it comes to different words or expressions using the same language. While we walked around, we came across with a secondary school and it’s beautiful autumn scenery.


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