Learning German


My name is Maija. I have studied German before and I would like to improve my skills because I think it is nice language and the culture is interesting.

Our group consists of three members, I, Kaisa and Theresa. Theresa is our German teacher. Our group met first time in Coffeehouse. I and Kaisa have studied German before and we both would like to learn same things, for example business letters.

In the first meeting Theresa taught us the basics, because we wanted to refresh our memory. She showed how to conjugate verbs and basic structure of the sentences.

Here is example how to conjugate the verb “Machen”=to do something

Ich mache
Du machst
Er/sie/es macht
Wir machen
Ihr macht
Sie machen

After that she showed us some examples of business letters.

I learned lot of new words, like




It is really nice to learn in a group and next time we will learn the shopping vocabulary  🙂berliini



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