learning useful sentences during traveling Germany

Our third meeting took a place at Katri’s house again. I and Hyejin really enjoy meeting there, since there are three lovely cats.

We started off by talking what we learned at second meeting. Reviewing we can remind it. Today our goal is studying about sentences that are useful when I travel Germany.

At first, it was indication.

Person present English
Ich bin I am
Du bist You are
Er/Sie/Es ist He/she/it is
Wir sind We are
Ihr seid You(people) are
Sie sind They are or you are(polite)
Das ist This is
Das sind These are

To practice this and review last things, for example, the sentence “what is this?” is “Was ist das?”.


We then moved on to studying our main purpose that is learning useful sentences during traveling Germany.

In Germany, there are three question words to express “where”; Wo(where), Wohin(where to), and Woher(where from). From my traveling experience, it is important finding an information in every country and city. Therefore when you want to say “where can I find the information?”, you can say “Wo finde ich informationen?”. And if you don’t understand, it is “Ich verstehe nicht.” In germany, making a negative statement is using “nicht(meaning not)” at the last of the statement.

At that moment, I thought I should listen carefully until German finishing to say their words, because of “nicht” being at the end. J

The other situation is expressing “where is the bus/train station or airport?”.

To say the word “bus/train station or airport”, we should learn the vocabulary.

You know, there is also three different “the”; der, das, and die.

I still have a difference to which word I apply. Katri said it is quite different to explain, so I should study the vocabulary with “the”.

And Katri let us know a useful app “learn German”.


I look forward to next time meeting. Thanks.

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