Studying French at Aussie Bar


I met with my pair for the second time Tuesday afternoon, this time checking out Aussie Bar (I had never been there but wanted to go for a long time) which turned out to be quite a nice place. Since it was still relatively early when we arrived there, only a few other customers were occupying the tables.

After ordering cider and lonkero (long drink) we began the second lesson. Last time we covered some of the basics in Finnish, this time it was all about French.

It makes me really happy to notice how much I’ve advanced in my French studies.  A year ago it felt impossible to understand anything that included more than one word. Now I’m able to follow most of the basic conversations(if not spoken in full-french-speed). The biggest problem remaining is the speaking part.

I practised translating and writing sentences from English to French as well as quite a number of basic verbs with some conjugations. I was surprised how much I remembered and was able to write. However there’s two mistakes I always make, with the gender aussie01of a word (there’s not really a rule that would help me with this)  and accents; aigu é, grave è and circonflexe ê.  It’s amazing how I guess these wrong every single time!

French is definitely not the easiest language to learn for someone who speaks Finnish. But I’ve noticed that the fastest way for me to learn is to be really surrounded by the language. While living in Belgium I went to a language course where the teacher didn’t speak any english, all of the teaching happened in French. I learned to understand much faster then I ever would have in a similiar course in Finland.

Next time we’ll meet later this week and continue from where we left off with Finnish!



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