What a weekend!

Aileen and I had a fantastic and tasty last weekend behind us! I and my whole Bachelor of Hospitality Management class organized this Aregala 2014 in Kauppahalli on Saturday and the master classes that were at Kuntokatu on Thursday and Friday. So of course I invited Aileen to join this event 🙂
I was working during these master classes at the fair event next to the teaching kitchens so I didn’t have so much time to be just with Aileen. We had a live video streaming from the kitchens in the auditorium so Aileen (and of course all the other guests) could see and hear everything all the time from the kitchens. I also organized that Aileen could participate in Nicaraguas master class which I think she enjoyed a lot 🙂 Sadly there were no chefs from Sweden, but I translated some useful food words for Aileen in Swedish and she did the same for me in French. I got to work on my French also during the whole weekend with the chefs from France – it went okey sometimes, but not so fluently… It’s much easier to understand them to speak to them!
On Saturday we were at Kauppahalli where this gala-dinner was. Super fun evening and the event went great!! There came over 200 people there and that’s why I was running like an idiot all over helping the chefs and Aileen was enjoying the atmosphere like you can read on here writing 🙂 Those photos are just the top of the iceberg what she has put here!
I think we got a lot from this weekend as an experience – I know I did just to organize that. And I got a lot new words in French. Happy to continue work from here 🙂
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