uno, dos, tres..

.. cuatro, cinco, seis !

After studying the months, we continued with numeros/ Zahlen. Anyway, it seemed to be much more difficult for spanish native speaker to pronounce the German numbers “eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf..” , because of the ei‘s and ie‘s. Spanish numbers however are more common and often used in songtexts, which makes it easier for a German speaker to remember and to pronounce.

Also some letters are pronounced different in each language. For example z sounds in spanish more like an s, v like a b and j like a ch. Altough we went trough the pronounciation of different letters and words already it still has to be trained and repeated many times to keep them in mind.

One funny thing that we realized during our meetings is the differences that occur even in one language due to the fact that we are all from different areas. The spanish that is spoken in Chile is far different to the one that is used in Spain. The same with German and Austrian German. Therefore, it makes it even harder to find the right way to teach. On the other hand, we all learn something new about our own language as well.  🙂

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