02. City tour with Finnish girl 02.10.14

I met Tuija at Tamk after my class finished.

And we want to go  diffrent place  except Tamk!  We decieded to go out and take bus first.

I’ve never been to sokos market and Kauppa Halli and I wanted to visit there.

Kauppa Halli is Tampere traditional market, which sells almost everything related fruits, meat, breads, and etc. There was really excited and active.  Also, I could buy bread with cheap price:D

After watching market, Tuija recommended me the nice cafe, named K bar.

It’s near from Keskustori and We can drink free coffee with only 2 euro. The server was so kind and mood is quiet to study.

We chatted about each country’s drink culture and restaurant culture.

Korean traditional alcohol is Soju. It’s 18~21% and really cheap with good taste.  I want to show soju for her later and drink together:D

And I was surprised that we can seat and server come when we pay at restaurant. Because we always pay with receipt as going to counter when we pay.

Also we talked about Tuija’s German life. She lived in Germany for a semester as intern. She recommended me Munich to travel.  Frankfurt is big city, but there is not good to travel.


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