Past, Present, Future_Part 1 (Lesson #6)

I have decided to write a short series of blogs, a trilogy. Part 1 will deal with what we did last week, Part 2 will be about this week’s material I taught and learned, and Part 3 will be more about my wishes what I want to learn from Yuliya, and my ideas what I could teach her. I plan to add the real outcome of the lesson in a comment to the Part 3 blog post.

Last week Yuliya came super prepared with four papers. To be honest it sounded slightly discouraging. Plus we were both under pressure with some school assignments, so none of us were able to fully focus on the task. But we promised to ourselves to keep two lessons per week and in order not to break the promise we met for the sixth time. The second important thing worth mentioning was the place where we met. It was Demola premises.

We are both active in our respective projects, both assuming project manager roles. Yuliya is active in a project that will bring more customers to Koskikeskus, while I am involved with OP-Pohjola Insurance company designing new level of customer experience.

On the Russian learning side I have expressed a wish to cover only half of the material Yuliya has prepared. We have quickly repeated the numbers I have learned during the previous lesson. The new topics were greetings at different times of the day:


Good morning! Доброе утро!
Good afternoon! Добрый день!
Good evening! Добрый вечер!
Good night! Доброй ночи!


We have also discussed greetings in daily situations and closed the lesson with a simple dialogue. On the vocabulary side we discussed members of the family.

On the Finnish teaching side we have repeated the Past Simple Tense (Imperfekti) and added the negative Imperfekti. Compared to 13 rules occupying 2 looong pages the rules for negative imperfekti fit on 1 page. And the rules are much simpler, because the negative form is derived from infinite form of the verb and one only needs to focus on two things – singular and plural. Simple tense in true sense of the word.

I am also including more and more speaking exercises. Yuliya needs to get rid of fear of speaking. And believe me; she is getting good at it. We will still practice a few more lessons in controlled environment, but soon I will have to release her to nature, where she will shine and express full level of confidence that she usually radiates when presenting study-related assignments.

Sincerely yours (С уважением),

Sebastjan (Себастьян)

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