Past, Present, Future_Part 3 (Lesson #8)

As mentioned in the last paragraph of the previous blog post, the Part 3 will focus on future, the week after the Autumn break, where we are hopefully full of energy. The idea of this blog post is to express my wishes what I want to learn from Yuliya, and I can also write down the plans what I will teach Yuliya.

I will write a comment to this blog post after we meet for the eighth time and tell you if my crystal ball told the truth. 🙂

On the Russian learning side I hope to become more fluent. I hope to expand my vocabulary and be able to more fluently express myself. I also wanted to learn a bit more grammar. According to Yuliya my wish to learn more about personnal pronouns (I, me, he, him, she, her…) will make me doubt my decision. Apperently the rules are rather complicated, but I think I need these.

For example: Peter likes a toy. Peter got a toy for Peter’s birthday. The toy is a plane. The plane became Peter’s favourite toy.

You have to agree that it sounds silly!

I want to be able to say: Peter likes a toy. He got it for his birthday. It’s a plane. The plane became his favourite toy.

On the Finnish teaching side I hope to completely eliminate introduction of new grammatical structures and put the conversation on the pedestal. Yuliya has expressed a wish for a conversation to be more structured, to include more diverse grammatical structures and their use in different situations. I plan to prepare a list of keywords all connected to a certain place and we can develop a story from it. A possible example could be the post office:

We could discuss the address, how to get there (locative cases, directions), opening hours, what items and services they are offering (expanding vocabulary, practicing Partitive), talking about past experience (Past Simple tense).

Since we both have lots of ideas, I am sure we will never run out of inspiration. I’m looking forward to see if my plans will materialize. Check the comment to this blog post!

Sincerely yours (С уважением),
Sebastjan (Себастьян)

1 thought on “Past, Present, Future_Part 3 (Lesson #8)

  1. As promised in the post I am writing what we did on our 8th lesson.
    The Russian learning went as the crystal ball predicted. We have discussed personal pronouns.

    Before even thinking of going into that direction one must completely forget about English grammar and start thinking the Russian way.

    Step 1. There are three genders in Russian: masculine, feminine and neutral.
    Step 2. Now we need to understand which noun is which gender. A mess. Believe me!

    Step 3 gets really interesting. Cases. There are 6 cases in Russian.

    But this is all very simple to me. As mentioned, I speak Serbian and the grammar is the same. Yuliya was really carefully introducing the topic waiting for me to quit, but I was pretending really well and acted like I’m a quick learner and got things really fast.

    Of course pronunciation is different, but the core is the same. I have pleasantly surprised Yuliya how “fast I can learn.” 🙂

    On the Finnish teaching side the crystal ball was wrong. When we tried to speak, the major obstacle has proven to be the vocabulary.

    I have changed the tactics and introduced some online exercises to improve Yuliya’s vocabulary. I think the links will be important for other Finnish learners. I have decided to write another post as an appendix to lecture 8 – with all the links and suggested exercises.

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