Endings in the beginning

I tried to teach Daria how the endings of nouns work in Swedish. In Finland people have about three years (at school) to learn those endings. Dasha had about an hour, and to be honest, after that she probably did as good as most Finns after those three hours. We went through nouns, mostly just words for family members and so on, and also some verbs.

I’m noticing that I’m struggling to find good examples.  Exceptions, exceptions are all I can think most of the time!  Luckily I can just google stuff, though apparently no English-speaker wants to learn Swedish, as there are almost none Swedish grammar in English It’s actually funny when Dasha sometimes asks why certain things are as they are, and I have no idea. I have just accepted those things but now she makes me to question the whole language.

I can do nothing but admire her Russian accent when she speaks Swedish. Some things need more practice than others, but  I’m sure a Swedish-speaker would understand her.

As this course is also about culture, I found some videos for her from youtube. If anyone is interested about Swedish culture in a funny way, feel free to check these! (The subtitles are in English.)

Swedish Midsummer

Swedish Lucia

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