Learning evening

Our second meeting was at the bar called Ale Bar in the city center.

This time we drank some beers and talk about Finnish people. Sami explain me how men do their military service here.

Later, we went to prepare margaritas (tequila + lemon + ice) at Sami’s place and we learn the numbers from 1-10.

Yksi  – Uno
Kaksi –  Dos
Kolme – Tres
Neljä – Cuatro
Viisi – Cinco
Kuusi – Seis
Seitsemän – Siete
Kahdeksan – Ocho
Yhdeksän – Nueve
Kymmenen – Diez

I show him my place in Mexico, using google maps that’s was nice, I was really happy!!!

At the end of the meeting we practice how to say “good night”, “good morning”, “good evening” and “good day”.

Buenas noches.
Buenos días.
Buenas tardes.
Buen día.

Hyvää yötä
Hyvää huomenta
Hyvää ilta
Hyvää päivää

It was a nice meeting!! Full of fun and learning.SAMI

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