Second episode: Actually learning, kinda

Few days ago we had our second meeting.

We met near TAMK and walked to the city to visit a local watering hole. During our quite a long meeting, we again discussed about the images people around the world have of citizens of our countries (Relating to some recent news) and the prejudices. But this time we also spent time learning some language. We went over greetings, numbers and how to compliment people. I cant say I remember all that still, but with learning we already did and some repetition, it should be quite easy. We also spent a lot of time talking about traveling and staying in Mexico and how I should totally get to Yucatan soon as possible.

At the watering hole we sampled some generously portioned containers of traditional Finnish brewery products. Later we also ended up getting familiar with a traditional Mexican distillery product, on its own, and even preparing some famous beverage mixes out of it. Each One Teach One, what a beautiful excuse to do all kinds of stuff. Again we had a great time and a lot of fun. Cant wait for the next time.


1 thought on “Second episode: Actually learning, kinda

  1. “Each One Teach One, what a beautiful excuse to do all kinds of stuff.” Maybe I should use that as the catch phrase for the course in the future 😀

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