Sharing pizza and cultural issues :)

For our first meeting me and Sami, my partner in the course, ate pizza at a restaurant in the city center.
While we were waiting our pizza we talked about what we want to learn in this course and the purpose of it.
Sami told me that he want to learn spanish because he wants to visit a Mexican beach in Yucatán to dive, he also shared that diving is one of his favorites hobbies so he would like to know a little bit the language for understand and talk when he have the opportunity to go.
In my case, I want to learn basic words in finnish because I would like to return to Finland to study a master or to do my practical semester and even almost everyone here speak english it’s important to understand finnish.
We both agree that learn about the culture and tradition is also an important thing in this course.
When the pizza finally arrived, we shared some topics about Mexico and its bad reputation that the media shows here about the insecurity. I also explained how is the life and weather there.
About Finland, we talked also about the weather, education, security and way of life.
In this first meeting we learn about both countries but specially we had a great time eating and talking.

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