Coffee and the talk.

Hello! 😀
Not long ago we had another meeting with my group, this time we met in a far more interesting place to study comparing to the university, we had our session in a cafe – cafe Europa.
This decision was influenced the most by the fact that after a busy week of studying we were all sick of the formal atmosphere! In addition to this, Mira and were taught couple of sessions before how to order a coffee in a cafe, so we had a chance to apply our knowledge!
However, the first thing we did is that we set the agenda planning that first Tero teaches me and Mira Finnish and evaluates how we made the orders and after that me and Mira would start to teach Tero Russian, and so we did.
Let’s go step by step through our session, at first, as it was planned, we went to order a coffee, Mira did it great! Me…well…not so great, as the waitress had a hard time understanding what I want from her, but Tero was there to help me out! Now I know, that I should have spoken a bit clearer and louder, then I would be fine. 🙂
This lesson was all about informal communication (though for Finnish we looked through the book as well (I still have to think of my exam :P) so now I know the content of the second chapter , because we went through it about three times, first me reading the stuff, then Mira, than me, the Tero correcting us , and then all over again. By the way, the content of the second chapter of the book was about communicating in the second-hand stores as well as ordinary stores, those were our next destination this day.
Going back to the learning of communicating using informal words, we discussed about music a bit, now I can express my opinion about rap in Finnish & tell people to shut up, both in polite and impolite ways (there were some people talking too loud so I applied my knowledge straight away!)
This time we were teaching Tero almost same things in Russian that he taught us in Finnish,except that we didn’t have Russian course book with us, but there was a need to go through the alphabet again, so we didn’t really need it. We also used visual objects that we had around us by learning how those are called in Russian and in Finnish, visualization helps a lot!

To sum up, the atmosphere in the cafe which is really different comparing to school really helped me to remember a lot more than I would have in other case. Knowing what to say in everyday situation is one of the most important language aspects so I’m glad we lad this session going on like that.


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  1. Wow your post is really long. Thank you for complement(that I did well)))

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