More basic spanish


I will shortly tell you about our second meeting 🙂 We’ve all been super busy, so we managed to arrange our second meeting two weeks after the first one, but again it was a pleasure.

We met in Sokos cafe, which was nice place to have a meeting, as it is not too busy or full, but you can get nice food, drinks and as we have one child in our group, there is a play ground for him 🙂 This time we learnt some alphabets, basic questions, times and verbs! We learnt how to say to be and to have and how to ask more questions from another person, so useful!

At the same time when we learnt spanish, we also tried to translate all that in English, so one of us can learn some basic english at the same time. It worked well and I hope our meeting keep going this well. Thanks for everyone, see you next week! 🙂 



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