Our third Finnish/Korean meeting


Meeting time: 4 hours

We went to Cafe Konditoria where are a lot of comfy sofas and when ordering coffee, you can get one extra coffee for free! This warms my cheap student heart!

This time we talked a lot about all kinds of stuff but what really stuck to mind was South-Korea’s traditional clothes. In South-Korea, they have this absolutely gorgeous dress called ‘Hanbok’ = 한복. It is still worn by people while participating special occasions such as weddings. There are so many colors and variations of hanboks:

I prefer really lightly pastel colored ones or dark deep colors in hanboks:

Men have their own as well but nowadays it is not popularly worn by young men.

Then there are the modernized versions of hanboks. These tend to be shorter, trendier and combined with modern accessories and shoes. The dresses look a lot livelier and brighter. I prefer the more traditional design but these are definitely very pretty! There’s a lot more variation with the modern versions as well in regarding the length of the hemline, colors, patterns and the little jackets.

I was told that even though Hanboks are not that popular these days, their popularity is growing amongst the younger generation now after Korea’s economical growth. I Really want to try one on!


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