Conversation in German


Our study group met again after autumn break and we decided to train our conversation skills. We went to Koskikeskus and found there a nice cafeteria.

We started with introducing our selves and discussing  about what we are studying.   We told each other what we had done last week and what we are going to do next weekend. So we went trough different tenses while we spoke.

Our teacher told us easier ways to speak. I think one of the reasons why I think German is a bit difficult is that study books usually try to teach formal way to speak. Often not so formal way (when you are talking to a friend) is just enough and would be easier to learn.

We tried to tell our teacher what kind of winter time we have here in Finland and she also liked to know what are the best things in winter (what we are expecting and why). It is good that we all can speak and understand English as well, otherwise Teresa could think that all we are expecting is Santa Claus and freezing snow storms :).

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