Finns speak French !

Hey dear blog ! I haven’t write something for almost 3 weeks because I was really busy and I was abroad. Indeed I spent my holidays in France and then I went to Russia with students of TAMK including a member of my EOTO group, Michèl ! But at least now I have more time and I did lots of things concerning Each one teach one before leaving Finland and abroad so I will develop two part in one time in this article and do an other one about Russia.

Aussie bar

First of all my second meeting in Aussie Bar with Elina. We decided to choose this bar because none of us knew it and it seemed good. It was in fact really good, the decoration, the atmosphere and the beer pong table table just in front of us !? (So cool).

We didn’t really prepare exercises so we improvised and it was not so bad ! We went through French stuff and I was really really surprised one more time by the Elina’s level. Indeed she knew really well the conjugations whereas it’s really difficult even sometimes for French peoples.

However one thing funny with Elina it’s the article “LE” and “LA” which replace “THE” and has to be accorded with the gender. She always tries to guess but she always gets wrong. But there is no rule about this so it’s normal, she has just to keep learning and it will come.

This meeting was on Tuesday and we knew that on Friday Elina was leaving and it was on Saturday for me for two weeks so we decided to meet a last time with our new mate Tilda once before leaving. We chose Thursday !


Thrusday 9 of October, Meeting at Café Runo with Elina and Tilda our new group member !

We already knew each other with Elina so we met at school and we went to stockman in the city center to pick up Tilda. We decided to go to café Europa but it was full and it’s always good to discover new places so Tilda led us to café Runo that she knew as a good place. Indeed it was really nice, cosy and with a large selection of tea and few cakes. They took a tea and me a cappuccino then we went to sit at the first floor on the mezzanine.

Runo Bar

We expected to go through Finnish lessons this time with Elina but we changed to French because Tilda was only teaching Finnish to her other group so it was better for her to learn this time !

I didn’t know the Tilda’s level in French after just one year of French courses but it was good, she knew the basics things and more like grammar stuff and so on. I used exercises from internet this time and they answered together or one after the other. They knew almost every words and conjugations, it was really enjoyable, but they were a little shy when I wanted them to try to speak French, to make little sentences and so on… I think they need to be maybe a bit more self-confident and try to speak.

We spent a really good time in this café and we didn’t see the time. Tilda left us after two hours but we stayed with Elina one hour more to see some words in Finnish and she showed me some funny anecdotes like “kuusi palaa” which means just nine different things, easy….

Kuusi palaa

Next meeting will be tomorrow 28 of October with just Elina to speak a bit Finnish ! I think we will speak about our holidays as well.

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