Kauppahalli – my love

Our first meeting beside the very first „come-together“ we arranged at lovely and comfy “Café Europa”. The meeting was only arranged between Janika and me, Matija was too busy with Demola and a lot of other stuff. For the reason Matija knows me already a bit, we decided to do a finnish-austrian meeting at first. I felt immediately like in an Austrian café! 😀 Cookies and coffee, little light, comfortable couches and talking about god and the world. God and the world were in this case reduced to Finland and Austria. Janika explained some finnish words to me, for improving my understanding how finnish language works and how it feels to speak it in a proper way and in the right accentuation. Tammerkoski, Keskustori, Kauppahalli, Kirppustori, Koskipuisto, Koskikeskus, all these words are looking for not finnish-eyes simply tongue-breaking. And it helps a lot to identify the words which are connected to these long words, it helps in identify new words and it helps to do the right accentuation.   Austrian habits and rites were our topics for a time, because at this weekend the Oktoberfest reached its peak here in Tampere. Whatfeels really strange. 😀

Talking about Austrian habits and rites leads more or less at any time to food and drinks. And I read about an old hall in Tampere, where you can buy vegetables, 20141001_164348meat and fruits at a market. Until this day I didn´t find or recognize the Kauppahalli near Keskustori. So I asked Janika to show me this place in Tampere. After finishing our coffee and cookies we went to Kauppahalli, which isn´t that far away from Cafe Europa. And I really was founded of all these bread and meat and mushrooms and fruits and vegetables! I bought some jam, meat and bread, also some traditional sweets and cheese. At home again for sure I tried all this delicious things and I decided to do a small vocabulary list for some of these goods we saw at the market. I really enjoyed this meeting greatly!


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