Muumin, die Maus and Professor Balthazar – what an experience!

This time we had a nice come together with all 3 participants again. Matija suggested a meeting at the Demola area in Finlayson. What a great idea, I really love this unique area, I like this style of industrial architecture!


First we did some reflection about our previous meetings and we were talking about how interesting it is to get those cultural information from the first hand, not mentioned in a book or a travel-guide. We were talking about the Moomin family. Matija never heard before about this cartoon before he has arrived at Finland. I knew this cartoon from my childhood, but I didn´t it like that much, I always where scared about the stories and about little myy, who is always angry! 😀


I had to lough when I read the german name of Niiskuneiti: Snorkfräulein – it´s sooo german!


So we decided to do a cultural meeting today and make a step deep into finnish culture, watching an episode of Muumin in muumin-valley. And for sure the topic of this episode was the deep finnish winter! J It really was interesting to watch the stoical muuminpapa, caring muuminmama, the always angry and adventurous pikku myy and moomintroll after all these years! And I´m glad I don´t have to scare anymore of these stories. I will try to get a book when I´m back in Austria.


After this poetic story about the moomin we came to a german childhood legend, “Die Sendung mit der Maus” (TV-Show with the mouse). This show takes about 35 minutes and it´s broadcastet since 1971 in Germany and in Austria and still every Sunday morning there is a new show. Short stories with the mouse and her friend the blue elephant surrounds one time a cartoon and the next time a “How is it done?”-story about different things, e.g. how to do gummy-bears, how to do the coloured stripes at the toothpaste, and so on. We were watching an episode about the gummy-bears.


Janika mentioned, this show is really typical german, children watching engineering stuff in Germany while finnish children have to be scared about pikku myy. J I never saw it from this side, but yes, she was so right, “Die Sendung mit der Maus” is really typical deutsch. 😀

After getting an impression how to do gummy bears, Matija showed us a croation cartoon about “Professor Balthazar”. And it´s really the completely opposite of both cartoons we saw till then. These bright, hypnotizing colours where so different to everything we saw before! But I also liked it, the Professor invents secret fluids which helps him creating solutions for all the different problems.

At the end I can say, I really enjoyed our meeting this day, it brought a lot of new sights and new experiences!

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