Waffles, munkki and the past tense

My third meeting with our group took place in a Waffle Cafe at 22nd of October.

We ate some delicious waffles and discussed some random things , for example about the German Carneval time and what special pastries they eat during that time. I also learned that a Berliner, which is easily mixed with the Finnish berliininmunkki, is actually just like the normal Finnish munkki.  I don’t know where the Finnish berliininmunkki, which always has that pink topping, actually get’s it’s name.


I had some of my papers with me from my German class. We have not yet moved into the past tense in my studies, but it is something I really wanted to learn, so Sebastian helped me with the papers and taught me how to use verbs in a past tense in German. Since a lot of conversations you carry out during the day are in past tense, I found this meeting very useful.

After that I taught Jaimile and Sebastian how to form numbers past the number 10 in Finnish, and also some basic sentenses like for example how to order coffee, tea or beer (the most important one) 😀

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