And here we are again! It was a dark day and outside was raining. We met at the University once again, so we could actually concentrate on some french and finnish. We sat down, ordered a cup of coffee and dived in a wonderful world of french pronouncing 😀

One of the tasks I wanted to do, is to go again through those football related words we practiced last time, to actually see if I remembered anything. Well I didn’t, but now I hopefully do.

David also introduced me to verb to go = aller.

je vais, tu vas, il/elle/on va, nous allons, vous allez, ils/elles vont

That wasn’t it, since I also wanted to know some daily used things like “I don’t like . . .” or “I do like … ” and obviously I practiced few exampled to fill the sentence, like: la mêteo, le livre and so on…

That’s it for now, to be continued . . .


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