Ramyun and gingerbread





Today we met in front of the Asian-market near railway station and went to buy some ingredients because today, we decided to cook! We first planned to make some Tteokbokki (떡볶이) together. It is made from soft rice cake and chili sauce. I was really looking foward to making the glorious white tteok together but once we arrived to the store, the saleslady told us that sadly all the tteok was already sold out and a new batch will arrive next week. while I was more or less heart-broken, Yooree suggested that  she could make some spicy ramyun. I haven’t had in a long time any korean-style spicy ramyun and we were all getting quite hungry so me and Shin hyun happily agreed. We bought some Shin Ramyun, tomatoes and then finally some gingerbread dough for the girls. I explained some facts about how finnish families spend their Xmas together and make gingerbread houses and eat a lot and receive presents. We also taked about halloween traditions and apparently koreans do not celebrate halloween in any way (except some random dance club halloween theme night). It is not popular in Korea and you wont see any Halloween decorations anywhere.

Later we arrived to Yooree’s place in Lapinkaari and had the shared kitchen for all ourselves. We baked, ate, talked and then baked, ate and talked some more. All in all, we spent time together today in total 5 hours and 40 minutes!

I had a blast today and ate so well! We already decided to make tteokbokki and maybe some sweet potatoes, not next, but the week after! awesome!



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