Successful teaching session!

A while after our first meeting, we decided to go straight to the point this time. We met at City Toas in the morning, sat down and started work on Spanish verbs.
I had so much fun teaching different verbs and its past tenses, I don’t know why but it was so enjoyable! I have to say that I realized that Spanish is harder than I thought, I mean, when it comes to the use of verbs it gets very confusing. For example, the verb “ser”

yo soy            nos. somos
tú eres           vos. sois
él es                ellos son

yo fui              nos. fuimos
tú fuiste        vos. fuisteis
él fue              ellos fueron

This verb is obviously irregular and accordingly hard to remember, but Melanie knows how to handle that 😀
And we also had some problem to find a word to say “conjugar” in english, it might be conjugate… but it just doesn’t sound too good.

Anyway, I enjoyed this session very much and I’m looking forward to the next one!

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