Friday feelings!

Today we met at the Café Europa. It was really refreshing to meet and talk, after a loooong, stressful week. We tasted some drinks and also translated some ingredients of drinks. It is really important to know, what do they include 😛



Now when we’ve been talking so much English, I’ve noticed that I should pay more attention to the pronunciation. Sometimes I talk really fast and the words don’t come out perfectly. Fernando is a great person to talk with, cause he notices immediately if I say something wrong. Like in my last post, when I was talking about hunting, I actually wrote “ haunting”. One wrong letter, and the whole meaning changes.

Few words for example:
Moose=Hirvi, Muse=Muusa
Hunt=metsästää, Haunt=kummitella
Course=kurssi, Curse=kirous

For me it’s easy to learn words by listening, but i also want to write them down, so i’ll get them correct. Like this, I remember them better. It is nice to hear also Korean, but for me even writing the words with Latin alphabets is difficult, not to mention the logographies. But I hope that I’ll be able to remember even few Korean words after this course =) In korean, the fluctuation has a bigger role in speaking, comparing to finnish.

Because it’s Halloween, it was one subject we discussed about. In USA people really love Halloween! They can have blockparties, where the whole family is all together and have fun. Of course the costumes are very important part of the celebration. Halloween is not so big thing in Finland, but in USA it sure does!

From thing to another, I’m used to say like “She doesn’t make a big number of that”. Today I learned that the better way to say this is “She doesn’t want to make a scene…” Once again, chance one word and the sentence is much better.

Now, have a great weekend everyone! 😉

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