Today Georg and me met in Café Europa. A really comfortable place with big couches that invite you relax. We ordered a big coke ( really cheap, just 2,50€ J ) and started to talk about our countries and cities we live in.

Georg lives in Austria which has about 8 million inhabitants. He was born in the northern part in a small village called Aspach with only 2300 inhabitants. But now he is living in Vienna and he told me a lot about the city. Vienna in German is WIEN. My first german word I have learned today.

We started to talk about the famous monuments in Vienna. He showed me via google maps where they are located and also showed me some pictures. One of the most famous one is the Wiener Stephansdom. In front of this big church tourists can get a place in one of the famous Fiaker. That are carriages drawn by horses.

Here are some pictures of the Wiener Stephansdom and a Fiaker.

Another famous attraction is the Wiener Rathaus. In this building is the home of the Austrian government and administration. Everybody is welcome to enter it for free. And every first Saturday in a month there are even free guided tours through this amazing building!

In front of the building there is a big square, the “Rathausplatz”. During summer there are different events there and in Winter they build up a big ice skating ring. Now that Christmas is coming, they will also open the famous Christmas market again. It is also located in front of the Rathaus. Here are some pictures of the ice skating ring and the Christmas market. J

Besides the learned English word for Vienna (Wien) and some names of the monuments in Wien, I also learned some new words. Georg chose words that are really similar to English, which makes it really easy for me to study them. I had to write them down in my vocabulary notebook.

Here are some examples:

das Haus = house; der Garten = garden; schwimmen = swim; singen = sing; ist = is

Something what makes the german language is a language of gender. So I have to learn each noun with its gender at the same time. Not knowing whether a word is masculine, feminine or neutral is really confusing. Today we started with some masculine words.

der Abend = evening

der Bart = beard

der Computer = computer

der Dienstag = tuesday

der Esel = donkey

der Fuß = foot

I hope you got to know a bit more about Vienna. Whenever Georg talks about “his” city he is always really excited. So I can see that he really loves living there. After our Erasmus stay in Tampere I will visit him for sure to get to know this amazing city myself.


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