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Hallo, Servus, Guten tag

We had a meeting in Hesburger having Finnish hamburgers and learning German.

I asked Markus to write down all the sentences that just came up to my mind. My goal is to learn some small talk and this is probably the best way for me to learn. Just seeing the sentences and hearing how they sound like usually works. I’m studying German at school so I don’t want to focus on grammar or conjugating verbs too much since that’s what I’m doing on the lessons anyway.

After this meeting I would be able to talk about some weekend plans, school things and work. I also know how to praise a friend for a nice dress or shoes! I could also have a little conversation about cars and Pferdestärken (=horsepower) 🙂

Next time we will focus on the Finnish language.

Was ist deine lieblings Farbe?


Bis bald.

French german Meeting in St. Petersburg

French german Meeting in St. Petersburg

I´m in the course Areas of Studies Marketing Development and with me Erwan Matteucci, he is a French guy from Côt e d’Azur where I had visited my French friend in this summer. So it was an amazing luck when he saw my picture on FB and asked me for that. We decided to make an additional EOTO group and had this crazy trip to St. Petersburg together.

We were predestinated for EOTO on this trip because we had the same cabin and spend a lot of time together. Whenever it was possible we switched to French or sometimes also to talk only under ourselves.

It was really a multicultural trip and a good experience for me to spend 24/7 hours with a French guy to learn his language and habits. For example when we woke up and started the day with breakfast then he always wanted something sweet in contrast to me because I prefer a usual german breakfast with bred meat and fruits.

At the beginning of the trip I had to learn a French song by my heart for a promotion video of a private French school. It was funny because he had to laugh when I used the phrase “easy going” the first time. We had round about 7 french speaking guys on the boat so I could practice a lot what Erwan taught me.

The first thing was a French card game called “speed” what he explained me in French. At the beginning it was for me a little bit different to understand everything because if you are not so deep into French at the moment then it´s complicated but I can understand every time more than to say but I think this is normal.

We talked about a lot cultural and language stuff for example some slang words or how to say cheers in our languages. We spend the whole time together because we had the same apartment in the Hotel Dostoevsky in St. Petersburg together and did exactly the same trips without knowing each other.

We started the first day with the limousine trip through St. Petersburg and stopped at every church. Visited the Ermitage together and participated on a boat cruise. it is too much to go into detail… But the exciting point was that we talked about the school systems during the trips and it was surprising for me that if you want to have a real good education you have to pay for it. This is not the case in Germany, for example I´m doing my studies in Munich at HM Muenchen and we have really one of the best reputations in my field of studies.

this is the first report about the trip the second one comes soon J

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment.

by Michèl Duckstein

First meeting

The first meeting with my English partner was in the city centre. We didn´t know exactly what we can do or where we can go. So we decided to walk around the city. At this time was  a market on the square. I taught her some german words, e.g. honey, and some stuff what the people selling there.

Afterwards we decided to walk to the observer tower from Tampere. On the way we talked about the counting (from one up to ten) in German and I tried to taught her the difference between the gender of objects. Also on the way I learned the difference between “me too” and “me neither”. On the observer tower we had a small talk about Tampere, her new passion “Ice Hokey” and some other topics.

On the way back to the city centre we walked along the river. Meanwhile she taught me a Scottish saying “it was pure dead brilliant” what mean “it was fantastic”.

I hope i can learn more and more abut the Scottish culture and of course also more of the language during the next meetings.

Korean evening

This time we met at Hui’s apartment. Hui had cooked some traditional Korean food for us. She had used some products from home, so the dinner was really tasty! We ate at the common kitchen, which they have in the student house.



During the dinner, we discussed a lot of different kind of things. One main conversation was studying and education. Here in Finland things are great, because we can study for free and everyone has the same possibility to study. In USA things aren’t that simple.

First of all, the high school is included to the compulsory studies, classes 1-12. After that you can go to college or university. But it’s not free, it’s actually REALLY expensive. People need to have a lot of saving, take loan and maybe still they need scholarship. In USA it’s very common that people get scholarships. Of course they need to be really good in something, like for example in sports. It’s hard for me to understand, that in USA the educatin system is so much more different from finnish way. And mostly the costs of studying!

In Korean the thing is pretty much same as in USA, but it’s not quite that expensive. In Finland the basic studies takes nine years. After that no one forces you to study. You can decide if you rather want to go to college or to high school or just not to study at all. It is really hard to know what do you want to do with your life when you’re 15 years old. That’s why many people go to high school first and after that, when they are little bit older, they might already know what to study next.

Then we talked about pets and animals. In Korean many people live in apartment houses, and that’s why they don’t have any big pets. It’s pretty rare to see some big dogs in the streets. Most of the dogs are little ones. And also cats are easier to keep than dogs, if the apartment is really small. In Finland, people have maybe more bigger dogs than small ones. Of course, that depends of people.

Now when it is autumn, we have the hunting season here. In Korean, they don’t hunt. That was a huge surprise for me! There isn’t the kind of animal, which should be hunted etc. Cause Finland is the country of forests and lakes, we have a lot of animals in the forests. And some animal populations are so huge, that they need to be hunted, so their living areas don’t get too crowded. And e.g. moose is the kind of animal, which goes to the road and causes a lot of car accidents. Especially if their living are is too small.

After eating and chatting in the kitchen, we went to Hui’s room. Hui gave us some candy and cookies from Korean. That was really kind and it was nice to taste her traditional things. It was a really nice evening and we had very good conversations!


Here is some words:

Finnnish English Korean
hirvi moose mooso
siili hedgehog
kerrostalo townhouse
omakotitalo (detached) house
rivitalo townhouse
aita fence wooltari

More basic spanish


I will shortly tell you about our second meeting 🙂 We’ve all been super busy, so we managed to arrange our second meeting two weeks after the first one, but again it was a pleasure.

We met in Sokos cafe, which was nice place to have a meeting, as it is not too busy or full, but you can get nice food, drinks and as we have one child in our group, there is a play ground for him 🙂 This time we learnt some alphabets, basic questions, times and verbs! We learnt how to say to be and to have and how to ask more questions from another person, so useful!

At the same time when we learnt spanish, we also tried to translate all that in English, so one of us can learn some basic english at the same time. It worked well and I hope our meeting keep going this well. Thanks for everyone, see you next week! 🙂 



Learning German, Day 3!


So me and Tom decided to head down to Koskikeskus shopping centre to learn some German and to perfect his English! Also because he was on the hunt for a hat (Hut in German!)

So we wandered around the shops discussing how expensive Finnish clothing shops are and naming objects in German and English. This lead to us having a giggle fit because Tom was thinking on German and English words which are the same- which lead to him pointing at a shop sign and saying is was a schild-  shield in English.

After failing to find a suitable hat we decided to go to the ground floor where there’s a supermarket and go over food/ drink products in German. Here are some we found.

Bread – Brot

Milk – Milch

Beer – Bier

Butter – Butter

Chicken – Huhn

Pork – Schweinefleisch

Mushroom – Pilz


All in all it was a good lesson. Next time we’re going to talk more about common sayings and Tom is going to look up some websites to help. I’m realising how hard it is now to teach your own language. It’s difficult because something you just know and then trying to explain it is very frustrating and hard.

Our third Finnish/Korean meeting


Meeting time: 4 hours

We went to Cafe Konditoria where are a lot of comfy sofas and when ordering coffee, you can get one extra coffee for free! This warms my cheap student heart!

This time we talked a lot about all kinds of stuff but what really stuck to mind was South-Korea’s traditional clothes. In South-Korea, they have this absolutely gorgeous dress called ‘Hanbok’ = 한복. It is still worn by people while participating special occasions such as weddings. There are so many colors and variations of hanboks:

I prefer really lightly pastel colored ones or dark deep colors in hanboks:

Men have their own as well but nowadays it is not popularly worn by young men.

Then there are the modernized versions of hanboks. These tend to be shorter, trendier and combined with modern accessories and shoes. The dresses look a lot livelier and brighter. I prefer the more traditional design but these are definitely very pretty! There’s a lot more variation with the modern versions as well in regarding the length of the hemline, colors, patterns and the little jackets.

I was told that even though Hanboks are not that popular these days, their popularity is growing amongst the younger generation now after Korea’s economical growth. I Really want to try one on!


#2 – How to go shopping in German! – An adventure in Sokos

Language-addicts, how are you? 😀 I hope you survived your autumn break and are ready for the 2nd period! 😉

Sorry for the delay of this entry for above mentioned reasons ghehe ;D

Our second EOTO meeting was in the week before the break, I wanted do something practical and useful, so I took my students Maija and Kaisa to Sokos (always go somewhere inside now. always. so cold outside, brrr!) for practicing shopping phrases and some vocabulary for the things you can buy there.

For that I prepared a sheet with phrases to use, vocabulary and colours, you can find it here in case you’re interested:

>>> SHOPPING in German.pdf

We walked trhough the floors and talked about trying clothes on and I learned that “Sovitus” is the Finnish word for the changing room 😀 Now I can find it in every store hehe. It’s so funny that I also learn about Finnish things even though we’re supposed to be a one-way-learning group 🙂

On our way to the top floor we were talking about various products from clothes to shoes and finally we talked about lamps and decoration materials. While walking around they could ask me more questions about phrases and words which were not on the sheet.


They are pretty good in German already but need to get used to actually using some grammar and  vocabulary! 🙂 I think that’s important in every language! 8D Let’s keep talking and talking, it’s the best way to practice!

I am looking forward to next time, I think it’s going pretty well already and I even learn a little bit Finnish thanks to Kaisa and Maija, it’s so fun! ♥

See you again!

Second meeting

Katri teachsungyoung and i about basic words, vocabulary of german and how to pronounce.

we met at Katri’s house at 3:00 Thursday.

the learning/teaching outcomes

: DER STUGH ( the chair) / STUHLE(chiars)

DER TISCH (the table)

DAS SPIEL (the game/play)

DIE NACHT(night)


DIE STASSE (the street)


reflection on the actual learning/teaching experience

Learing German is very interesting but it is quite difficult.

But Katri is so kind and she gives us a lot of pairses.

So i can learn german with pleased mind.

the things that were not achieved or proved to be very difficult to achieve

The distingushing  “the” in german vocaburary is very difficult to achiev.

DER : maskuline (he) DIE : feminine (she) DAS : neutral (it)

I feels like that distingushing it is ramdomly.

So it is so difficult to me

To what extent were you able to adhere to the original plan

I could see german comedy program and comedian.

I could feel german laughing code.

It was interesting either to me.

So i think felling is so similar even though we are from different country.


Tea time

It was third time for us to meet and talk about our culture.
We met at 17:00 and we spent time for 4 hours.


First of all we learned some Finnish expressions

We saw today (We met today) = Me nähtiin tänään
Nähdä = to see
Tavata = to meet

*Nähdä is more friendly than tavata.

(Mä) Näin mun perheen viime viikolla
= (I) saw my family last week

Matkustin Helsinkiin
=I travelled Helsinki
Matkustin Pariisiin
=I travelled Paris

Halvan syödä hampparin / hampurilaisen
= (I) want to eat a burger

Juusto = cheese

Halvan syödä jussto hampparin
= (I) want to eat a cheese burger

Then, we talked about our holidays.
Ale spent time with her family and Shin and I were travelled.

Also, we introduced each other’s traditional clothes.

It is Korean hanbok.

We wear it only in some special events like wedding ceremony. So we have made an effort to modernize like this.

resource (1)
Ale introduced Finnish traditional clothes too. It is so cute and adorable. Hope that it also modernize and be loved more.

Finnish national costumes

We have not met for a long time because of holiday. That’s why we have talked for 4 hours. We made a plan to cook in next time.