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#7 brunchtime

Hey everyone!

Today Ugo invited me over his place to have a brunch. With this cold weather it was good to be home and chat a little bit.
Ugo cooked a typical French breakfast, which is very similar from the north American style with eggs, ham, cereals and orange juice.


On that picture you can see some scrambled eggs, with a very good taste and kind of different from regular eggs on the plate. Around this you have some ham and toasted bread with butter. The kinder surprise was a bonus hahahaha!

It was a good moment to take a recap about regular words and I hope you guys can use those for your personal skills and learn some new words ;):

Eggs: oeufs
Scrambled eggs: oeufs brouillés
Ham: jambon
Orange juice: jus d’orange
Butter: beurre
Bread: pain

cheers, Georg

Learning German in Metso library

The fourth EOTO meeting was in Metso library. We went there to the café and our topic was to read an article from German magazine.

The article that our teacher had chosen was about the Oktoberfest in Munich.  We practised the pronunciation of German words.  We read the sentences out and our teacher helped with the pronunciation. There was a lot of numbers in the text, so we also practised them. The article was about the facts and numbers of Oktoberfest.  It told that there is a huge amount of stolen pints that tourists will take as souvenirs.

The words that I learned from article were:


Fundsache=lost property



We also went through the ordinal numbers.

  1. Erste
  2. Zweite
  3. Dritte
  4. Vierte
  5. Fünfte etc.


It was nice to practise to read in German. The pronunciation felt a bit difficult and I think that it would be helpful to listen more German,  for example watch TV programs and listen radio.

Meeting in Koskikeskus

The third meeting took a place in Koskikeskus. We went to Arnolds to have some coffee and tea. The topic of our meeting was to discuss in German.  Our teacher introduced herself in German and the students did the same.

Our teacher told us that there is an easier way of speaking German. She said that they don’t use very formal language when talking with friends and she gave an example how that is. It was nice to know that the grammar is not that important in spoken language.

We were also talking about the winter in Finland and our expectations of that. I tried to explain in German what you can do in Finland on winter time, f. ex. skiing and skating.

Game again

Last Friday, we made a short meeting maybe just last for one hour, for the coming exam , we all need to use more time to prepare for it, especially for me , i will have my first formal english exam, i am so excited and worried about that.

And for this meeting we still went to the public corner to have the chess game again. But unluckily, I did not know what’s wrong with me , I am not in a good condition, i won it last time, but maybe it need more fortune.

Any way we had fun together. And we also decided next meeting and also the last one before the end of the course, but absolutly we will continue to meet each other in the future.


Efficient week

Sorry, I didn’t have time to write in the blog during week, that is why I will tell about two meetings now. We met on the 17th of November in the TAMK’s library.



We were discussing food once again.  But this time we took new words to learn, because topic RUOKA includes a lot of things. This time we did not choose random words, but separated them in topics: for example, vihannekset, hedelma:t, lihat, juomat and so on. At each topic we have learnt no less than 7 words (except of “kalat”. Only lohi, kirjolohi, siika and katkarapu in this theme). Also I asked guys to pronounce different numbers (not just “kolme” or “seitsema:n”) but combined difficult numbers, and I was supposed to write them down. It was not very easy, I have to admit, especially when they started to name “tuhatsataviisikymmenta:viisi” for example 🙂

Aslo we met on Friday 28th.


We decided to discuss some grammar and reading aspects. I told Rulis about Russian vowels and how to read them, because in different cases such letters as “е,ё,я,ю” are  read in different way, and pronounsiation of some things I could not explain 🙁 because I don’t know the rule, I just know how it shoud be and adviced them just to memorize difficult cases. We canged endings of verbs as well, but only in present simple (because neither me nor they know any other tenses yet). It happened so, that I told to Rulis and Joonas about Michail Bulgakov – one of the great Russian writers. I asked to explain how to differ when I need to put “lla” at the end of the word and when I need “ssa”. True to say I didn’t quite understand the difference. But “my teachers” told me about endings “a”, “ta” and “tta” and how to use them. I am very glad of the last week, because it was very productive! Thanks to Joonas and Rulis!

Love #4 Food

For my fourth session with Sean we decided to do a little bit more relaxed one as we went through some rather boring grammar stuff on our previous meeting. We both love food for sure, so we discussed everything about it! Vocabulary, our favorite foods, popular foods in our regions, and so on. Sean told me that he has been missing food from his hometown a lot, and explained me about Mexican food in San Diego, In-N-Out, and the influx of Sushi restaurants within a small radius. He also told about gourmet bars and restaurants over there.

I taught Sean some basic food vocabulary to help him with ordering his food and shopping groceries. One topic which we talked about was the opening of the new Burger King next to Stockmann and we came to the conclusion that we should’ve done this session there over some burgers and fries! Sean also thought of this possibility to have a running taco truck to serve “proper” Mexican food to the locals in Tampere.

Three Times the Charm

My third session with Sean was about catching up and corrections. We had talked about kind of refining my writing skills, so I gave Sean some of my documents which I had done for our other classes to read through. We then went through them together and he helped me with my grammar. I had some problems with proper punctuation surrounding parenthesis, run-on sentences and proper apostrophe placement. I found Sean’s tips very helpful.

Sean has his Finnish exam soon and we reviewed some things from the early chapters of his book. We went through couple of the first chapters, which covered greetings, numbers, colors and vocabulary for clothing. I hope this helped Sean to prepare for his upcoming exam! I’m sure he’ll do fine even though he’s a bit nervous about it himself.

#2 About Cultures

Sean and I’s second lesson took place in the same coffee shop as the first meeting. First we were thinking of grabbing beers, but we both had to work later, so we decided to go with the coffee instead. We discussed about our cultures and tried to get a better understanding of each other’s cultures.

I gave Sean some do’s and don’ts in Finland, and also gave heads up for the winter and dressing appropriately. I also told him about Finns relationship to sauna and went through some traditional foods and vocabulary.

Sean told me a lot about southern California and how it is completely different from most of the rest of the country. Sean also thinks it should be its own independent state. Sean also told about San Diego and the diversity of the city: surfers, gym goers, yoga “freak”, gangsters and so on. I also learned that the beach is THE thing there and everything is related to it somehow.

Flammkuchen und Apfelstreusel

(Because – like I just realized, I forgot to write a post about our last meeting, this will include a review of both meetings 20.11. and 29.11.)

Our meeting on 20.11. was actually quite short compared to others, because we only had 45 minutes. So it basically included simply watching one OnePiece episode. This time we decided to stop every now and then when there were important words or phrases, that Hyejin or Sunyoung wanted to remember. That was easier than watching the whole episode and trying to remember all things for afterwards. I think words like “Freund” (=friend) and “Essen” (=food) that came quite often were easy to remember and won’t be forgotten too soon. And now Hyejin and Sunyoung have the link to the site with German dubbed OnePiece episodes as well, so they can watch them whenever they feel like it 😀
here it is for you guys, too:

At our next meeting, we had first planned on baking something. Because of it being moved to later in the day (schedules again), I thought it would be nice to first eat something salty. So I prepared all the ingredients and the dough for “Flammkuchen”, because the dough had to rest for 30 minutes before baking it. When Hyejin and Sunyoung came we could directly start with making the “Flammkuchen”. While it was in the oven, we switched to preparing the “Apfelstreusel”.
“Flammkuchen” really is quite close to Pizza in terms of preparing. You just need the bottom – usually its round – and then you put “Schmand” (like sour cream) “Zwiebeln” (=onions) and “Speck” (=bacon) on top of it. It tastes very different from Pizza, though, as it has no tomato sauce and the dough for the bottom is made without yeast. If you are interested in trying to make one yourself (it’s really not that difficult), here is the recipe we used:

Next came the “Apfelstreusel” (basically an apple cake), which we prepared while the “Flammkuchen” was in the oven. When the “Flammkuchen” was ready, we put the cake in and enjoyed the first part of our dinner, which really tasted delicious! I actually had never made “Flammkuchen” myself before, so I wasn’t really too sure about how it would work out. I’m glad it worked so well! For the cake we had to wait for it to cool down after baking it, so we used that time to clean the kitchen and watch one more episode of OnePiece, although this time only as amusement and not too much focusing on learning German, as we were all quite tired already. Even though, I think it always helps to just hear the foreign language being spoken to get used to the sound and pronunciation. And of course there were a few words I had to translate and sentences that Hyejin and Sunyoung recognized or understood even without my help 🙂
The “Apfelstreusel” was really delicious, I think I will have to use that recipe more often! There are really many variations of this cake and I have tried many different versions already. But this one is genuinely good! Here it’s for you, if you’re interested:

So much for this time, next time we will meet without “real” food (only snacks) but after that Sunyoung and Hyejin promised to cook some Korean food in turn. I’m really looking forward to that! 🙂

So alcohol happened…


So this time Yooree and Shinhyun wanted to get more familiar with a specific traditional delicacy, that can only been found in Finland. For many foreigners (and even to some finns as well) it is the dreaded and loved special drink that has concentrated all  it’s “finnishness” into small bottle. We call it ‘Salmari’! Love to hate it, love to love it.

Actually, I already knew that Yooree is a somewhat of a fan of salmiakki so she had already tasted it but Shinhyun was little bit worried. I assured her that if they did not like it, I would be glad to buy the bottle from them.

Next bottle I bought for them to taste was Helmi Cacao liquor. Popular in Helsinki with among young people (big part of my upper-secondary school years ), you should mix it with milk 50%-50%. Very sweet and easier to gulp down than Salmari but still requires a preference for super sweetness. One should not let the milky smoothness fool you because you can easily get hammered even from this.

We all cheered in Korean ‘건배!’ = cheers! and took our first shots of SalmiakkiKoskenkorva. Yooree seemed very pleased of the salty taste and surprisingly, Shinhyun liked it as well! I find it pretty rare to meet two koreans who like salmiakki! Even though there are more exchange students who dislike salmiakki candy but likes salmari, the odds of meeting koreans who like it is pretty much non-existent.

Next to try out was Helmi. I poured half ‘n’ half of milk and liquor and gave the girls their cups. ‘건배!’. We drank and like I predicted, the liquor was well praised because of it’s drinkable flavor.

In the end, we had downed both of the bottles, a lot of chips and everyone wobbled happily to their homes.