Supermarket time!

It was time to learn some useful words related to the groceries world, so we went for a little walk around Stockmann’s supermarket.  As we where walking, we named the things in both Spanish and German languages.  We covered pretty much the basics and I have to say that Melanie knew almost everything and pronounced totally correctly!
So here we have some words:

Agua – wasser                                       Cerveza – pier
Pan – brot                                                Patata – kartoffel
Zumo – saft                                             Leche – milch
Queso – käse                                          Galletas – kekse
Pescado – fisch                                     Sal – saltz

It was fun to go around learning new things, and whats more, try to pronounce them because it is actually difficult to me! Seems like I will have to say out loud over and over again my shopping list to get it right.

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