French&German #2 in St. Petersburg

Hello again,

like I told you I want to continue the amazing St. Petersburg trip with Erwan Metteucci so here we go!

We were in the same cabine and predestinated to become friends and it happens really because we have so much hobbies in common for example going to the gym. And I never would expected how french people are saying I train my arms or I´m doing a workout for my arms.

I train my arms = Je travaille mes bras

They use ‘work’ for training so it was quite good to know for me.

We spend so much time that we could talk about everything on the cruise. We had the possibility to go into a Spa with swimming pool and sauna and we did it. Then we were talking about our holiday trips which we made and we discovered a new common hobby riding motorbikes. He told me about his projects at his school with a motorbikes and we were discussing pro’s and contra of different kind of motorbikes until the point when we made a promise that If i buy my new motorbike I will drive from Munich to Cot d’Azur with it. The next question was clear… What new motorbike and I answered ‘ll show you a picture!

Yuliya Snigir on a Yamaha R6

This one I want to buy of course without the lovely girl 🙂

It´s pretty nice to meet people under these, I call it now closely circumstances because the cabine was really small and to get in touch with people who are almost the same and further I think or I´m sure that we will keep our word.

To put it in a nutshell I can say that we had a funny time together and that he was really a good teacher for me in french!


by Michèl Duckstein

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