#4 german class

Hello everybody 🙂

Yesterday we met us again to talk about business culture in Germany. I asked the students what do you want to hear about german business because we already talked about the most important three rules of doing business.

Then like a chance Suvi came up with an idea because she has to learn for her german exam the next week. It was nice to see what the finish people learn for german words and which kind of fields are the first one because she is participating now the second class of german. I often heard of the phenomen that the teach some old words or words who nobody uses in normal life and that was again the case 🙂

printer = Kopiergerät

printer = Drucker

Yes for sure it is but in normal life and business life as well everbody uses ‘Drucker’.

We had a lo of words which we could go through and the field was office, bills and phone calls.


IMG_5766(Sorry that the picture isn´t right way but I don´t know how to fix it here -.-)

And after we learned for her exam we went outside for a construction side and I explained the others how my father built our own house alone with the horrible accident. Anyway we also learned some voabulary!

digger = Bagger

hole = Loch/ Grube

truck = LKW (Lastkraftwagen)

roof = dach

Thanks a lot for attention and see you next time 🙂

by Michèl Duckstein


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