Finnish, second most difficult language after Polish..

This time we met at TAMK with just Elina because Tilda was not free. We chose now to meet each other twice a week to do as many meeting as possible before the end of the year.

So we spoke a bit about our holidays in France for me and in Belgium for Elina and then it was time to work on Finnish. As I mentioned before I never spoke Finnish so everything is just discovery for me.. She asked me what I wanted to learn and I said that I would like to learn something useful, something I can use I my everyday life in Tampere so we began with the weekdays:

Viiko = Week = Semaine

Päivä = Day = Jour

Maanantai = Monday = Lundi

Tiistai = Tuesday = Mardi

Keskiviikko = Wenesday = Mercredi

Torstai = Thursday = Jeudi

Perjantai = Friday = Vendredi

Lauantai = Saturday = Samedi

Sunnuntai = Sunday = Dimanche

She said me that almost all the day finish with “tai” and the most important is to learn the beginning of each day. I notice the “Keski” which means here middle of the week but can also be used in “keskustori” for example to say center of the city. I wrote the days in French just next to English because as usual when I learn words in Finnish, Elina is able to find the right words in French easily.

Then we went to how ask the time: Mita kello on? – Kello on… This should be useful even if almost all the Finnish people speak English!

Finally we went through the really basics verbs as “To be” And “To have” and of course just before we made the subject pronouns

Minä/ = I = Je

Sinä/ = You = Tu

Hän/Se = He/She = Il/Elle

Me = We = Nous

Te = You = Vous

He = They = Ils/Elles

It was a good meeting and I have a lot to study at home to really remember all these new words !

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