Honey Pomelo and One Piece

Today we met quite late after I had a long day at school. I was quite tired, which was why I proposed we could watch an episode of some anime (we had talked about different animes before and found out that we pretty much like the same series).

Although I didn’t have the time to buy groceries, I found a Honey Pomelo I had bought a few days ago and completely forgotten. I was surprised as Hyejin and Sunyoung apparently never had eaten Pomelo before. A new experience again, and something healthy as a snack for a change! 😀

Almost all the first episodes of well-known anime-series are easy to find on the internet in German-dubbed versions. We decided on OnePiece, as Hyejin and Sunyoung said, they probably remember by heart what happens and what the characters say.

It was really strange for me to watch this anime German dubbed, as I had only watched it with English subtitles and was used to the original Japanese voices…

but it was interesting, how Hyejin and Sunyoung were able to notice some sentences or words, which they had heard before. Like “Wer bist du?” (=”Who are you?”). And they asked me for the meanings of some words that made them curious. One of them was “Feigling” (=coward). It was really interesting to see, how somebody who doesn’t understand German fluently can pick out certain sentences or special words.

After watching the episode we first talked a little bit about One Piece in general and all that has happened, or what might happen in future episodes………. we probably could have talked about that much more 😀

But so that we would not forget the German words and expressions we had heard in the episode, I wrote some of them down, trying to make them as useful in real life as possible.

Here a few of them:

Ich habe      – Hunger (“hunger”)
(“I have”)    – Durst (“thirst”)
– Kopfschmerzen (“a headache”)
– Schnupfen (“a running nose”)

Ich bin   – hungrig (“hungry”)
(“I am”) – durstig (“thirsty”)
– müde (“tired”)

Mir ist              – kalt (“cold”)
(“I feel/am”) – warm (“warm”)
– heiß (“hot”)

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