# 8. Internet rules the world!

Hi, Folks! How’s is it going? I bet everyone has already started communicating on the language you learn!

From my own experience, I can say without any doubts that the nature of simple and sometimes even stupid question can explain much more. I often ask Sebastjan why shall I use Partitiive instead of Genetiivi, why “antaa” and “annoin” is actually the same word and what’s is wrong with “Minun puhelin” instead of “Puhelimeni”. Like is was said by Bruce Lee, “A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer”. Trying to be wise 🙂

Internet rules the world! During our last lecture, my wonderful teacher brought me A4 Word document with different kinds of link to practice my language skills independently. He learnt that I better perceive and memorize while studying alone with my lovely cup of tea, dimmed lights and light music. Sebastjan actually made a deep research and compiled a list of useful materials for me. I want to emphasis one of them as a hint for other EOTO learners. I truly enjoyed this web platform for dummies. All tasks are filled with useful daily vocabulary. Internet makes wonders! You can easily find almost everything in the World Wide Web.


Moreover, I found some very fun-to-use websites for those who learn Finnish. I’d like to share my finding with you, guys! Enjoy!




For the Russian, I prepared a set of grammar tables which, hopefully, structured all information in Sebastjan head. Mainly, it’s Personal Pronoun as we agreed last time. The customer/student is always right! My student familiarized himself with endings. We covered all 6 cases with a main focus on Nominative case. Life advice: If you use a wrong ending but the right word, Russians will understand the full meaning with any caviling about minor points. (trust me, there is a lot of foreigners in the country, locals got used to improper language!).

For example:
Это моя игрушка (correct) and Это моё игрушка (incorrect) – not a big difference as long as you use the right pronoun. Once again, you cannot learn Russian as if it’s your mother tongue. Be flexible enough to learn by heart only key points!

Cheers. Yuliya.


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