Appendix to lesson #8 (Links to Finnish learning websites)

As promised in the comment to Lesson #8, I am adding a list of useful links for learning Finnish in your own pace at home:


All the material on the website is good, but I would specially recommend the ones at the end of the page = Extra materials for the Language Centre courses. These are listening exercises and also scripts for checking listening comprehension.

2)    YLE has an excellent media bank for Finnish students. Supisuomea is one example. In my opinion it is not for beginners, but it will be useful for Yuliya:

Here are a few examples of places where dialogues take place:

  • Kirjastossa (At the Library)
  • Lääkärissä (At the Doctor)
  • Pankissa ja vakuutusyhtiössä (Bank or insurance company)
  • Puhelinoperaattorin liikkeessä (At the Mobile operator store)
  • Vaatekaupassa (At the Clothes shop)
  • Kahvilassa ja ravintolassa (In the Bar or restaurant)
  • Ruokakaupassa (At the Grocery store)
  • Kuntosalilla (At the Fitness)
  • Onnettomuustilanteessa (In the accident situation)

3)    Also on YLE website there are Finnish Language Institute tests for all three levels. In order not to be too discouraging I have chosen basic level. I think medium level would be OK, but Yuliya’s vocabulary is a bit too limited.

I think a good remedy for this is Rakenne ja Sanasto (structures/grammar and vocabulary):

Sincerely yours (С уважением),
Sebastjan (Себастьян)

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