Meeting at Cafe Europa

We met at the Café Europa on Friday. It was really  nice and glad to meeat and t each other, after busy week with many assignments.

We ordered some sweet drinks and drank them! I ordered non-alchol blueberry cider. It’s only 3 euro. (Sangria bottle is 18 euro)  And after drink our own, we tasted sangria which is mixed with fruits and alchol. It was so sweet and great, even for light drinker like me.




While drinking, we talked a lot using English. Actually Fernando is really nice english teacher for Tuija and me.  When I had wrong grammar or pronunciation, he always corrected my errors.

Also we talked about Halloween, because it was Halloween!!!!   Fernando said USA people really enjoy Halloween! It’s really diffrent from Korean culture. Actually Korean including me don’t enjoy Halloween a lot.  But American can have blockparties, where the whole family is all together and have fun.  I think Finnish people enjoy more than Korean:D So, this  was my first time enjoying Halloween party.  After meeting, I went to miami halloween party and I saw so many people decorating themselves with scary things.

Anyway, this day was so nice day for me. And I am looking forward to next meetings.


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