Meeting at Tamk

ㄻㅇTuija and I was participating to the innoevent and we both had the same case.  It was about how we can stop people near the hospital doors.  It was kind of new thing for me, because I’ve never participated this kind of project event. But I hoped that it would be helpful for me.

So Tuija and I talked about smoking culture of each countries. Actually Korea has almost same law with Finnish law. People shouldn’t smoke inside of building and government raise the cigarette’s price. Now’s price is a half of Finnish cigarette. But I think Finnish people smoke more freely than Korean because not many people smoke on the

path. And non-smoker hate that behavior. I saw many finnish smoking on the path.

And Korean woman can’t smoke freely. They hide to smoke and if people watch that, people slander that women. But now this phenomenon is improved gradually.

There are another more differences. Korean club is usually located on underground, so When I first watched finnish club it was quiet new view for me.

Also after eating lunch or dinner, Korean women go to eat some sweet and drink coffee. It’s really usual. Actually, we eat ice flakes in summer and even in winter.ㄹㄷㄹㄷimages


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