# 10. Is it the End or just the Beginning?!

Dear EOTO family,

Sadly and happily speaking, this is my last blog post because we taught the last lesson to each other. Personally for me, the End of something big is usually the Beginning of something enormous.

We had a really great time with Sebastjan! I can open you small secret we’ve been keeping outside this blog for about a year. We’re soul mates. Meaning that these lectures are just one possibility among many others to learn from each other. Moreover, we’re planning to continue our Finnish-Russian cooperation as long as we need it. Frankly speaking, we’ve been critically busy for a while that’s the reason why we officially complete EOTO requirements and unofficially continue to share knowledge with each other! The End is just the Beginning. It was a good start on the way to a bigger journey! We both laid the foundation of language ground.


Our last lecture happened to be outside of TAMK or Demola. We decided to mix business with pleasure. We scheduled the meeting and I needed to buy shoes. Being creative, we found a solution – shoe store! We’ve visited several boutique in Koskikeskus. Meanwhile we both practiced numbers reading the price tags. I tried to say quite a few Finnish expressions regarding size, color, price etc. It’s been fun! This nonbinding to learning lecture gave us much more than banal desk-to-chair type of lesson.
After shopping we kept the tradition which is named Plevna. We love Plevna. Couple of beers, nice talk, some cultural dialogues and languages practice was the best ending of EOTO you could ever imagine.

I also prepared some small surprise for my student. With a help and creativity of Babbel language web platform, I created a list of specific vocabulary for Sebastjan which is fun to learn and easy to remember. I hope this small gift will motivate him to continue learning without my supervision! (www.babbel.com)

EOTO is more than a known abbreviation for me. It’s:

Each One Teach One

Each One Inspire One

Each One Encourage One

Each One Elevate One

Thank you an opportunity to experience cultural and knowledge exchange! Positive vibes are in the air! P. S. My next blog is dedicated to a short gallery (some picture went missing due to problems with storage space). I hope you’ll be able to feel our great atmosphere! Good luck with the rest of your EOTO meetings!

Cheers. Yuliya!

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