#4 sauna time

Hello everyone!

On Wednesday, Ugo and I went to Lapinkaari for a public sauna. The sauna is not really in Lapinkaari but very close, at the lake precisely. That one of the best experience I have tried so far in Finland.

The main goal was not only to go sauna but also to go for a bath in the lake. The outside temperature was -1 degree and I really didn’t know how would I go outside in swimsuit…
But after a 120 degrees sauna we managed quite well to go swim. Even if it was for 2 seconds the feeling is awesome and I recommend this to any of you guys whom haven’t tried it yet!


Ugo and me are really good friends and being in the sauna was a great moment to chat about everything going on in our life. It was really pleasant to feel like a real Finnish for one night 😉

Some of the vocab we used was pretty basic such as:

I am cold = J’ai froid
I am hot = J’ai chaud
I am too hot/cold = J’ai trop chaud/froid
Lake = Lac
Swim = Nager
The view = La vue
Water = Eau

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