Meeting at TAMK library

This time it was already our sixth meeting. It was easiest to meet after classes at TAMK, we
were both already at the school after all.

Tilda didn’t join us this time so it was just the two of us. Erwan gave me exercises to practise passé composé with. Some of them were challenging but useful nonetheless. It’s nicer to practise with someone who can immediately give you the feedback and tell you what went right or wrong. I feel like I already have a good idea of this verb-tense. I’m also taking a French course once a week and the meetings with Erwan support it nicely.

LibraryI practised reading French text, which has always been challenging to me.
However I noticed that I’m not as scared to speak as I was before, so I’m already seeing progress!

Erwan also gave me some riddles to solve (in French) which were a lot of fun! I didn’t get most of them but he explained and I will remember them in the future for sure.

We weren’t in the mood to do Finnish this time, maybe next week!

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