Music time!

For our fifth meeting Georg an me went to the Y campus at TAMK after a class. We chilled in one of the big couches and started to talk about our planned topic music.

Music is very important for me and my buddy Georg. But I had no idea about Austrian music at all. Sure Austria is famous for its classic stars like Mozart or Brahms, but I did not know that there are also a lot of modern musicians that are really successful on the music market. Georg reminded me that I once posted a music video from Parov Stelar on my Facebook wall. The funny thing: I did not know that he is Austrian. Georg told me that he is famous all over the world as a DJ and a producer, but not that much known in Austria. Crazy story! Here a link to the music video of Parov Stelar:

One of the most famous Austrian musicians was Falco. He was the first Austrian and the first one with a german song who had a number one single in the American Billboard Charts. Falco was a real charismatic guy and had a real fuck off mentality. He was the best example for somebody with a high self-confidence. He always seemed to look down at everybody and was really arrogant. But that was his way to advertise himself and he was really successful with it. Unfortunately Falco died in a car accident. Drugs and alcohol were found in his body afterwards. Here a link for his most famous single Rock me Amadeus:


To do some grammar, I learned the conjugation of “singen” (to sing) and “hören” (listen).

ich singe = I sing ich höre = I listen
Du singst = you sing Du hörst = you listen
Er/sie/es singt = he/she/it sings Er/sie/es hört = he/she/it listens
Wir singen = we sing Wir hören = we listen
Ihr singt = you sing Ihr hört = you listen
Sie singen = they sing Sie hören = they listen


We already reached the half of our study plan and our planed number of meetings. I hope you enjoy my posts and it would be nice if you leave a comment.


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