5th Meeting-Hot wing and Beer

It was our 5th meeting and we were so hungry when we met.
So, we decided to take something.
Ale recommended hot wings since it is one of the most famous thing in Tampere.
It was so delicious as she said.
Siivet (=Hot wings) are little bit different from Korea. The sauce is little sour. They also gave IMG_1967 IMG_1968us some vegetables and it was cool to take together. Chicken and olut(=beer) is always good.

We learned several expression today.

Odottakaa hetki = wait for a bit

LASKU kiitos = bill please
In addition, we have talked about racisim. One of Ale’s friends experienced racism in Korea. I felt shame of that. I have big proud that I am Korean and I was sure that it(that kind of racism) must not happened in Korea. It is really thing that a bar prohibited for foreigners. Hope it will never happen again.

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