Dinner together

Today we had a meeting at my place in Hervanta. I wanted to cook some Finnish food, but it was hard to decide what to do. Eventually I made salad, pork meat in food cream and flavored potatoes. Good and easy to make! We made a list of some words according to the dinner, and translated them to Finnish and Korean. After dinner we drank coffee, from Moomin mugs of course 😉


plate – zob-si
fork – pok
knife – cal
drinking glass – cap
Moomin mug – Moomin mug cap
potato – gam-za
pork – doe-zi gogi
salad – salad
cucumber – oi
tomato – tomato
onion – jang – pa
mineral water – tansan-su
coffee – coffee
milk – uju

We talked about table manners and behavior with younger and elder. In Korean, normally the older person starts the dinner. After when she/he has taken the food, younger person can continue. They also appreciate the elders and think highly of them. Or sometimes the elder just expect younger to appreciate them and then they might be a little snobby. In a bus it’s also the same, elder needs to get into the bus first and if they don’t, they get pissed off. Of course it’s understandable, but sometimes the way of doing that is just wrong. Anyway, we should appreciate the elders more, cause people don’t always remember how to act.

I’m really interested in doing an exchange studies and we discussed about that. How is it like to study in foreign language and studying in TAMK, what is the difference with Korean and Finnish studies etc. It’s nice to hear experiences from someone who is doing the exchange right know.

Meeting was great and now I have showed to Hui how I live =) It’s way different to meet at someone’s home than at school. Still a lot of places what would be nice to visit together. We’ll see where the next meeting is going to be 🙂

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