Passé composé and enigmas in TAMK library

Our sixth meeting with Elina ! As we already did once we chose to stay at TAMK for this meeting because the weather was not so good and we finished our lectures at the same time.DSC_0965

As usual we talked about our week and how we are doing. EOTO is good because if I wasn’t with Elina for this course I would haveprobably nevermet her! I interested to compare how it is to be student in Finland and how it is in France and I noticed few differences. First of all, everything is made in Finland to permit and encourage students to study ! The universities provide good studies for free and students receive money each month to cover their basics expenses. I think that is a really smart bet on the future because thanks these measures, lots of Finnish students keep studying until they get a good degree!

During this meeting we went again through the “Passé composé”. Elina is taking French courses next to the university and she saw the “Passé composé” between our two meeting so she was able to go through news exercises easily. I am not a teacher, I don’t really know the specifics methods to teach someone French but at least I can just speak as much as possible in French and give her feedback, advices and right pronunciation immediately when we are doing exercises.

Finally I gave to her few enigmas in totally in French and she understood perfectly, however she didn’t succeed to solve them but it’s not really important…

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