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On the 12th of Nov, Wed, Erik and I had an afternoon watching a Chinese film by Jackei Chen. We watched this film in the library discussion room with the LED TV. The quality was fantastic! The film was released in 2005 but it was quite a famous film in China at that time. Erik has never watched this film by jackie chen so he was quite interested to watch this film as the main actor is Jackie Chen and I was therefore very happy to show him this film.

the film is called ‘The Myth”. It is a story about a guy having repeating dreams about his previous life as a general fighting in war battles. He was receiving a princess from Korea at the Chinese-Korean boarder. the princess was meant to become the concubine of the Qin’s emperor, however the king of Korea changed his mind at the last minute and was trying to get his princess back to Korea from the reception ceremony. A love story unfolded from there traveling across the boundary of 2000 years.

The reason why I recommended this film to Erik was because of it’s historical part, there were things that he could learn from the Qin dynasty. For instance, it was shocking for Erik to know that for dynasties starting from Qin, the concubines (wives) of the emperor in China has to die together with the emperor if the emperor dies. this is indeed a very in-humane and cruel practice, but this is a part of Chinese tradition of the royal.

There were also description about the Qin emperor’s palace of the death. (the tomb of the very first Chinese emperor — emperor Qin)  And in this movie, they have put this imaginary heavenly luxury and mysterious palace of the death into picture. In real, the under ground palace of the emperor Qin really exists underneath the city Xi’an in the heart of China. And it has been said that the area of this palace is as big as the scale of the city of Tampere in Finland. Scientific equipment has been used to affirm its existence, but whether having this underground palace exposed or keeping it remain under the soil is still a question. Have you ever heard of the Terra-Cotta Warriors in Xi’an? those warriors are actually the 1/10 of the underground palace for emperor Qin. As a Chinese, I am actually  looking forward for the day that the underground palace is unveiled, but that might needs a long long time!

I hope you have enjoyed this film for some parts of it, Erik.

See you again soon : )

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