Hot wings at Hook!

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On wednesday both me and Yooree had quite a day because of we had a pitching event. Luckily it went well and both of us decided to celebrate it by calling up Shin Hyun and going out to eat. I suggested that  we should try something that Tampere is famous for and I know for a fact that Tampere has so many hot wing restaurants! Many of my friends claim Tampere to be the Finland’s capital for Hot wings! We decided to go to the restaurant ‘Hook’ near Koskikeskus. The style of the place was ‘Peter Pan’ themed and the girls found it rather funny.

In Korea, it is very popular to eat hot wings and chicken in general. usually they are deep fried as well! A popular way to eat it is with beer which becomes the famous Chicken-Beer combo caller “치맥”.

치킨chikin(chicken) + 맥주mekju(beer) = 치맥Chimek

Hot wing = 핫윙

Restaurant= 식당

Need= 필요하다

Receipt= 영수증

Order= 주문하다

Full= 배부르다

 I ate hot wings and drank beer with friends = 친구와 함께 핫윙 먹고 맥주를 마셨다.

Do I have something on my face? = 내 얼굴에 뭐 묻었어?

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