Taking advantage of Subway

Yes, we stayed at Subway for 2 hours as it was our home. We wanted to go to this new “Kissakahvila” here in Tampere but it was full, and not just today but tomorrow as well. We decided make a reservation for next week and left the place to end up at Subway.

In the meanwhile we talked a lot about many things, but I gotta say that I’m so proud of Melanie because she has been accepted in Barcelona for her practical training! This is great because I will be able to help her to improve her Spanish!
After a while discussing several topics, we began with my learning session where she taught me a whole bunch of useful phrases. And here we have some:

Guten morgen – buenos días                                 Duerme bien – schlaf gut
Bitte sehr – aquí tienes                                              Bienvenido – willkommen
Schönen tag – ten un buen día                              Adiós – auf wiedersehen

Noteworthy that my pronunciation isn’t as bad as I thought! Actually I feel like I’m getting better every time we meet, and she supports me with this. For example, I did pronounce correctly “meerschweinchen” which means guinea pig or “cobaya” in Spanish.
I feel so proud of myself 😀

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