First: Dutch-Italian lunch in a Finnish ravintola!

Me and Sanne had our first Dutch-Italian lesson in the canteen of our campus (Campusravita). According to our preliminary plan we tried to start from the basic things of our languages… and we discovered how hard it is to go step by step! Every time we were skipping to more difficult grammar rules and words and then we realized that we were going too fast. It is indeed that the more you learn, the more you desire to know. In this quite messy (but very funny) way I learnt some words (mostly related to the food we were eating at that time). Dutch determinative articles and I tried for the first time in my life the sound of the Dutch “g” which is very complicated and sounds very weird! in my notebook I wrote it as /chr/ to memorize how to say it! So:

  • Articles:  De or Het… every word has it’s own sepcific article but there no other rule to decide which one you have to choose!
  • Wortel = carota (carrot);
  • Brood = pane (bread)
  • Vork = forchetta (fork)
  • Bord = piatto (plate)
  • Twee = due (two)
  • Schnitzel = cotoletta (cutlet)
  • Water = acqua (water)
  • Salade = insalata (salad)
  • Aardappel = patata (potato)
  • Stoel = sedia (chair)
  • Bloem = fiore (flower)
  • Melk = latte (milk)

Carlo Soregotti

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